2014.04.15 Jimmy Sharman's Boxers Rebellion

We meet again on The Harsh Couch

Show Notes

Is armed robbery still a thing?

Harry doesn't want to marry South Africa again


Jimmy Sharman's Boxers Rebellion

Did the whales say thank you? Not even a tray of muffins!

Sea Shepherd's Ady Gil

MH370 again ... Did it go down in Squidtown?

BOF and his undeclared 1959 Grange

Badgery's Creek airport

Retirement and Black Flag records

Vale Brian Harradine

Chris Pyne, universities and languages

Can we call George Brandis a white c**t?

George Brandis, the Attorney Genital

Tarred with the genital brush

A big, huge, massive week in sport

What is the Honey Badger?


FIFA World Cup

Curling is more bent than Mark Waugh

Law Revuers

FIFA is a greased razor's edge ... just like a Curling Sheet

Who's winning the corruption games, IOC or FIFA?

Amateur players funding Soccer Australia

Which is more corrupt, Australian politics or FIFA?

How is FIFA structured?

FIFA World Cup prestige?

A$1 = NZ$1 ... really?

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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