2014.05.13 Lies and Promises

T-shirt Tommy Hafey rose at 5.20am every day, ran 8km, swam in Port Philip Bay even in winter, etc etc - and then died.

Show Notes

MH370 search winding down now that passengers' organs have been sold. Leaked Crimean referendum results show low participation and low support for Russia. Eurovision song contest. Conchita won Best Beard, strong competition from Icelanders. Harry's yearly dose of kitsch. The bearded woman or the bearded lady. Ukraine had a woman in a hamster cage. Russian competitors were booed. Conchita made a nice speech. SBS and Julia Zemiro have made Eurovision into a phenomenon. McCool doesn't do kitsch. France came last. Boko Haram trading hostages. ICAC quieter, but smaller players recanting earlier stories. Ray Carter now taking others down. Royal Commissions - Julia's renovations, Garrett and insulation, Arbib. Mark Arbib is a gutless coward. Politicians' pay freeze pretty meaningless. Performing public service. Politicians should be going door-to-door in their electorates with begging bowls for food. Singapore politicians paid a lot more. Lee Kuan Yew's obituary. John Howards's obituary should be based on Albo speech. We don't like Mathias Cormann. The fucking copayment. People like Medicare. Did they slaughter the sacred cow? Vicious, nasty acts of bastardry. On again, off again dole payments. Clive Palmer opposed to retirement age change. A vote for PUP is a vote for chaos. Lies and promises. Core and non-core. Ideologically and dogmatically driven. Front loading. The depressing couch? Hopefully we'll get some interesting art. Oscar was anxious about having both his legs chopped off. Pistorious to get a belated psych evaluation. South African election. Demagoguery works worldwide. Movement for Democratic Change. We need some Dutch insults -- Gob? Sport. McCool the guest of a local identity at the NRL game. Cbus Super Stadium. The Cardinal and Myrtle . Meat on meat. Keeping the engine running in AFL. Run both ways. Wibbly reveals he's a Collingwood fan -- and still has his teeth. Rabbitohs fans in good spririts. Queensland Police. Police Appreciation Week. Arseholes bullying a blind woman. Wearable cameras for Metropolitan Police. Big weekend for ManU winning EPL title. Concerns for Cote D'Ivoire with loss of mid-fielder. Pump him full of chicken blood. Bayern. Madrid and Barca. FIFA World Cup logo. Swans, Hawks and Buddy. T-shirt Tommy Hafey rose at 5.20am every day, ran 8km, swam in Port Philip Bay even in winter, etc etc - and then died. Reg Gasnier dead. Konrad Hurrell sex tape. Lawn bowls. A couple of pots with Bob and Earl. Danny Ricciardo. F1 now sounds like old dogs farting. Mercedes turbo. Next week we'll look at the budget. Australia Network rights to distribute content in China.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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