2014.05.20 Kill the Poor

Wibbly respectfully apologises to Mrs Mavis Gladstone.

Show Notes

Dr Gob left his colon in Sydney. All Boeing planes can be controlled remotely according to Mahatir. Let the Chagossians return. Greenland uranium mining by Australian companies. Mick Manynames. Jabiluka tailings dam rupture. Dr God. Greenland - the size of WA without mines. Bentley Blockade and Tinkler's Bentley Resources. The Hartcher family are pure class. 35 times Hartcher couldn't recall. ICAC half-time break. Greens' Federal ICAC killed by ALP. Screw the Middle East. We're ignoring both Israeli Independence Day and Nakba Day. Christopher Pyne is a ****. Holiday in Cambodia. Kill the Poor. Telling Bronwyn what to do. Pyne's self-righteous indignation is prissy, shallow, superficial and schoolboyish. Copayment won't get through the Senate. Unfair. Even though Australians are greedy selfish bastards, they do feel uncomfortable if someone with an Australian passport is copping it. Broken promises. Brazen defences. A very mean Budget. Only some stuff can be split off in Senate. Govt pretending that they don't want the GST to change, but with this budget it clearly must. Ratings agencies called Govt's bluff. So conniving and disingenuous. Linkages between copayment and medical research. Smokin' Joe the Fat Cat. Do they even understand their own strategy? We'll all be rooned. No money for bush poetry. Wealthy middle class keep their arts, but everyone else loses. Efficiency dividends. First home buyers, homeless, indigenous housing. Pension changes, superannuation. Renewable energy, petrol excise. Erica Betz. Erica's Great Uncle was a convicted war criminal. Smokin' Joe - The big Jockey. Joe Hockey was the minister on the line for HIH disaster. LandCare replaced by the Green Army. Dog whistling re copayment versus beer and cigs. Mattias Corman going back to Austria? Brazen political whores. Politician pay freeze was not even their idea. Malcolm Farr's unusual piece about Abbott. Are the Liberal premiers in on the GST rise? Surely not. 3/3 splits after electoral changes. ALP reaction - Blip Snorten - hard to get excited. Say nothing, do nothing, get elected. Harry's stomach. Spliften getting shot down on reform. Harry needs to join the Greens now. The Greens will only change when they need to. When will the Greens have factions. Human capital is the key - join the Greens, Harry! People power. Country reaction - everyone's pissed off. No-one likes being robbed. Collective outrage. Lamby the Tassie PUP senator, suggested we should tax the banks. Vote 1 Chaos. National Service. McCool is so looking forward to the chaos from July. Godwin's Law. Apparently there are Tory students at Sydney Uni. The People. March in May - this time with coverage.

Anyone who dreams of a better world knows that a civil society runs on trust. We need to be able to assume that our fellow citizens appreciate the value of mutual respect and those qualities of kindness, compassion, care and concern that distinguish the much-vaunted ''civil societies'' from the rest. But trust is more than a personal, private matter: it starts at the top. We need to feel confidence in the integrity of our institutions, whether political, legal, religious, commercial or cultural. We need to be able to trust our leaders, above all. In spite of our cynicism, and regardless of how often we might have been disappointed, we (and our children) still look hopefully to them as examples of probity, charity, loyalty, integrity and decency. That's why we are so badly let down when institutions and their leaders err - through anything from corruption or child abuse to the breaking of promises. And we are similarly let down by any sign of heartlessness in high places; any sign of harshness in the treatment of our most vulnerable citizens. By such criteria, this is a profoundly disappointing budget. It's not the economics; it's not the politics; it's the clear sign that this government has young people, the sick, the poor, the unemployed, the elderly and the marginalised in its sights. It's a budget that not only turns its back on the problem of inequality; it exacerbates it. Hugh Mackay

Paul Keating underestimated John Howard. John Howard underestimated Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd certainly underestimated Tony Abbott. Its not clear whether Tony Abbott has underestimated Bill Shorten. But he may have underestimated the extent to which Australians value affordable healthcare and education, and a social safety net they can rely on. Not to mention the extent to which they value truthful politicians. Lenore Taylor

Head of Treasury supports his budget but still being forced out. Debt and the confected budget emergency. Student debt is good, national debt is bad. It's Time. Gough and Malcolm and Royal Commissions. Insulation. Greg Combet spoke a lot of sense - Thanks fella. Contrast between Abbott words and actions. Can Abbott really go to an election ever again? Limpets, vested interests and rabble. Lying might be a bigger issue in Australia than we thought. We did say that, but ... Tell a lie often enough, and people will believe it. So much stuff to happen before the next election. Financial advice reform. Not compelled to give advice in the best interest of client? Small business men are 'special'. McCool has had some dodgy bosses. Domestic violence - mostly blokes killing sheilas. We need a Royal Commission into domestic violence. One punch Grange-drinking Barry. King Hit = Coward Punch = One Punch. Driving cars is much safer now. Victorian ALP leader has promised Royal Commission on domestic violence. Journalists telling the truth in public. Sport. Sir Jack Brabham dead. World Game - Brazil three weeks out. Roads not built, seats not installed, anti-government protests, six people killed during protests by cars. Many stadiums white elephants. Kickoffs at 1pm - 29 to 31 degrees C. McCool calls a 0-0 draw with Dutchies. Gob calls 3-0 to Nederlands. Sepp Blatter thinks Qatar is a mistake. 5000 workers estimated to die building infrastructure in Qatar. "The job is fucked, boys." Phoenix ... again. Rio getting interesting. La Liga. AFL racism, again. The new stolen generation - as many children being removed now as during stolen generation. Entrenched racism. Taking a stand or disingenuous gesture? Six dollar pies and AFL's CEO change. Premium pricing for AFL ticketing. Pastry laden gristle bombs. Dole tickets for the AFL. Poker machine payouts. Akli Fairuz taken out by goalkeeper. Socceroos team for Brazil, previously leaked and now released. Rhys Williams and his dodgy groin. Waratahs and Lions. Israel Folau. Harmichael Grub (aka Karmichael Hunt). Quade Cooper talented scum? Swannies. Live vomiting coverage. Finally, the lawn bowls. Wibbly respectfully apologises to Mrs Mavis Gladstone. Commonwealth Games countdown clock 1414 days. Martial law.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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