2014.05.27 Ghosts of Rumtown Past

The opposite of what Tony says is true.

Show Notes

Three live people walk into a storage unit and two walk out. Self immolation on the steps of the Reunification Palace. Paul Keating trying to call out the tanks. PJ's clocks. A touch of the megalomaniacal or majesty. Parliamentary Speakers. Bronwyn. MH370. Chagossians, the marine park and Wikileaks. General failure of Malaysian air force. Weekends at Butterworth - not the A Team. Buttfuckville, Malaysia - just around the corner from KL. What's with rational thought? The Sussex on The Hungry Mile - for the next 18 months. Fractal coastlines. 19 year old on site for 4 months fell 17 storeys. Harry mentions the World Trade Center. Polio in Pakistan. Taliban opposition to immunisation. Racism and the AFL. Indigenous players. Social response to racism. New stolen generation. Nicky Winmar in 1993 season. Roy Morgan research about aboriginal culture. Swans and Gold Coast at the extremities. Western Sydney and Howard's battlers. Culture Wars again. Promises and lies. The opposite of what Tony says is true. Copayment already discouraging people. News Corp getting worse? Abbott's popularity. Sub-editors eating small children for breakfast. Tony's nudge nudge wink wink. ALP TV advertising in Queensland. Resigning in protest. Our man in Bananaland. Muslim Brotherhood bikies. Policy Development Payments but only for major parties. Politics always needs more money. Queensland politicians taking public money and even more private money. Two new casino licence approvals. Joh all over again. Don't you worry about that. Unemployment and gambling addiction in Cairns. Greg Norman needs a new wife. Chris Evert lasted 15 months. Reefacts. Deutsche Bank pulled out of Abbott Point. Greg realised on the day of the wedding. Rory and Wozniacki. Getting the mood going. The Whitehouse scandal. Abbott drags family into the game which makes them fair game. Tim and Margie. Gonski made his point. Christopher Pyne still a grub. Brandis has lost on RDA. Burning political capital. "Been through the worst" - media. Who in the media is going for them? Will they get away with it? Fairfax journos covering arses. ABC scared. Generational change - risk averse. Jonathan Swan at Fairfax. Israeli red wine. Bill Heffernan jokes about pipe bombs. McCool defends Heffernan. Cost of "cleaning" Parliament House. Faulkner and CCTV. AFP's advice about visiting Universities. Duck wranglers. Who leaked Tony Burke's letter? Bronnie's Greatest Hits. Speaker's independence. There's no speaker like Bronwyn, an effective member of the Government team. Peta Credlin. Tasmanian RSPCA. SA defection. Gun violence in the USA. Richard Martinez, father of one of the victims. Grief and the media. The madness is not going to stop. Lobbyists, The Game, NRA apologists. McCool's guns rant. Rant alert. Popeye the Popey the Pope. First Jesuit Pope doing it his own way. Fortunately there were no Israeli Pope Poppers. No solution for the Middle East. One state, two state or nuclear solution. Harry to join The Greens. Harry goes Abbottoid, Jose Mujica and his Beetle. 50 years of the BASIC language. Our first computers - Commodore 64, Apple 2, Microbee, BBC Micro, ZX 80 and ZX 81. 10 PRINT "BALLS"; 20 GOTO 10; Harry claims to be unsalaried. "Slackers and Slouch Hats". The Indonesian Presidential Election: Part 1 - History. Dick Dog Dogerson - Roger Rogerson. Ghosts of Rumtown past. A huge week in sport. Swans - Geelong Thursday. Women's Asian Cup Football. Queens Park Rangers. Real Madrid. Ronaldo's chest. Newcastle United and Suarez - the biter from Montevideo. Tinkler the Bunyip and the Newcastle Knights. The Bunyip might rise twice. NSW Origin players' booze ban. RIP Patrick Byrne. Adam Scott and his broomstick. 11 year old Lucy Li and her childhood. NZ Cricket match fixing. Formula One. Bowls.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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