2014.06.03 Running Amok with Scissors

Strike me pink, you could've knocked me down with half a brick.

Show Notes

Harry is under a mountain. Harry inherits a library. Elaine's Pies. RIP Alexander 'Sasha' Shulgin. MH370 and sailing in the Gulf of Thailand. Bad acid on the way to Phuket. McCool has a theory involving North Korea and Rugby. Pyongyang Patriots flying to their away games in a shiny new 777. Does the oil rig story match the sailing story? Harry endorses the crew rest area for inflight nookie. McCool has lots of infrequent flyer privileges. We're miserable middle-aged bastards. Grey pubes arrived a week before McCool's 40th birthday. Sport and racism is always on the list. AFL Indigenous Round. Premiership match in Alice Springs. Aboriginal culture should be front and centre as part of Australian culture. Smoking ceremony at MCG. Leard State Forest aerial photo. Rally and petition about Maules Creek Coal and Leard State Forest. Neddy Smith and Parkinson's. Is Neddy in Long Bay or Lithgow. Peta Credlin, Clive Palmer and reproduction. Race to the bottom in public discourse. Clive gets the moral high ground regarding women in government. Bronwyn broke her perfect record. Archaic Australian slang - ripper, bonzer, pearler, humdinger. Strike me pink, you could've knocked me down with half a brick. Defections in state governments all over. NSW most stable government? ICAC adjourned for reflection. Greg Martin (Marto) in Bananaland ads about in-roof safety. Campbell 'Noddy' Newman retired as a Major. Was Noddy bastardized at Duntroon? Hansard edited to remove "Bogans" in Logan. Cyclone Clive is the perfect storm. Queensland electricity pricing. Grey power leaders don't need term limits. The Stolen Wage case. Australia becoming an international pariah. Children at risk on Manus Island. To discuss Australia's treatment of refugees is a problem like eating an elephant. How can we debate refugee policy when there is no good side. The basic lie that people would explode their lives for economic reasons. Sri Lanka - tortures bad except when it isn't. Three clowns walk into the Wild Duck for dinner. Wibbly's bet on Turnbull becoming PM. Everyone except Liberal voters want Turnbull. A vote for Clive is still a vote for chaos. Heads on sticks. Ukraine. Princess Leia hair not enough for Ukraine. Great Uncle Otto Abetz. Anarchist state in Ukraine and Nestor Makhno. The problem of force. A cheap old Rolls. A born shit stirrer. Business in China. Ukrainian Insurgent Army - props to you. Brawlers are killjoys. The three day rave - thanks Bazz. Aerosolized hallucinogens. Chechen theatre siege. Indonesian Presidential Election - Part 2 - Process. Goose meets lame duck. Presidential election in Syria. Who are the six candidates on the ballot in Syria? Bashar al Assad - bastard of the week. Brandis is a candidate for both fool and bastard of the week. The reality is ... Running amok with scissors. Sport. A big week, a huge week. Thank you Darrell Eastlake. Clarko and Guillain-Barresyndrome Creeping weakness is the main symptom of Guillain-Barre. Peta Searle is a bonzer sheila. Fair suck of the sauce bottle. Peggy O'Neal and Raelene Castle and others precede Peta. What does the match committee do? The late Malcolm Glazer never set foot in Old Trafford. <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NewtonHeath">Newton Heath and their yellow and green. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. NFL and a new injury suit. Playing through the pain. Head injuries need rest and lead to cognitive impairment. State of Origin 1 last week. Thirteen refrigerators running into thirteen washing machines, rinse and repeat. Warren Ryan and the Bulldogs crushing people. Newtown Jets. Stephen Moore, the nuggety hookerta. Bowls! Mavis arcs up about Clive's comments. 1400 days to the first roll in Commonwealth Games. Piggy Wooldridge. Eleven dollars for 4 litre boxes of wine. Cheap wine and a female goat. If Brazilian paramilitaries kill more than 10 people, Qatar loses the World Cup.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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