2014.06.10 Issues Multiple, Syntax Tortured

Five point chaos harness required.

Show Notes

How's it going, ya grub? How's it going, ya 'honourable gentleman'? Stingers. The purpose of Hong Kong is to remember Tiananmen Square. Hamlet Speed Soliloquy contest in Iceland. RIP Rik Mayall. Amy van Dyken severed her spine. Quad bikes are death traps. Rik Mayall beat Jesus (5-3). RIP Doc Neeson. Save Our Sando. Dame Marie Bashir. RIP Gary Gilmour. MH370 - of course. Buggering up Malaysia. Whales back (still) on the menu in Japan. Sumo (not baseball) is the national sport of Japan. Warren Ryan retires from the ABC. A heart full of plaque. The dinner party phase. Auto-emesis. La Grande Bouffe. Guns. National Guard at Kent State. Police militarization. Popey prays with Israelis and Palestinians. Popey throws out Vatican finance committee. Coal is the nexus of corruption. Whitehaven mine sign with Obeid's name (http://www.maulescreek.org/whitehaven-opened-by-eddie-obeid/). Clive's alleged bribe in Bananaland and the CMC. Five point chaos harness required. Mal Meninga's half-minute political career (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79LaIL6x5d0). Brick With Eyes has said less than Mal Meninga. Dio Wang. Ricky, you should call Pauline. Not just a regular guy. Anzac Rifle Range. Royal Commissions. Will Eddie Obeid walk free? Peter André MP. Blue Tie Man (http://nofibs.com.au/2014/06/09/mystery-over-blue-tie-man-deepens-france-baffled-qldaah-auspol/). Is Harper an idiot? Has the Govt gone too far? Issues multiple. Syntax tortured. Wets are gone - Malcolm's the last liberal. Shipbuilding no more. AWB. Paid parental leave. Brisbane fascist rally (http://www.smh.com.au/national/on-the-march-20140602-39d0h.html). Independent political action in Adelaide. Street protest as political action. Tax strikes are out. Economic damage to companies can be prosecuted? Grand Prix Grunting in women's tennis. Why don't men grunt? Darts is a fat bastard thing. Bootsma. Snapchat. The first Mankad in 22 years - well deserved. The curse of McCool. Les Murray. Bowls. Vulnerability of Carrier Groups in the Persian Gulf (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/12/washington/12navy.html).

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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