2014.06.17 Surf Rage

Tourist-only surf breaks.

Show Notes

RIP Kasey Casem. Radio is perfect for those with limited mental resources. RIP Jim Keays. MH 370 - Inmarsat team says no-one has yet looked in the most likely spot. Clive Palmer in Comcars due to Canberra employment concerns. Coal. Iraq - 30 year war all over again. Kurds and Turks on the same side. 1946 lines on a map. Iran offers assistance. Marine landing ships vs aircraft carriers. 275 Marines in the US Empire's Baghdad fortress. Popeywatch: Discarding old, discarding young and borrowing against our future. Props to the Pope. Take drugs when you're given them. Doc Neeson, the Budget, CoLA, cultural elitism. Amphetamines and Mandrax™. "On the board of the Australian Ballet School is Daniele Kemp, the high-profile wife of former Liberal arts minister Rod Kemp, a predecessor of George Brandis as arts minister. Mr Kemp is now the chairman of the Institute of Public Affairs, a right-wing lobby group." 9 wealthiest Australians same wealth as bottom 4.5 million. Richest 1% of Australians have same wealth as poorest 60%. Piketty is pronounced Piketty. GFC not used as a market reset. Wild rivers legislation. Leard Forest clearing suspended. Coal is dirty. Overestimated size of coal industry. One Oak milk bar employs more people than the entire Hunter Coal Industry. Big Merino testicles. Big Pavlova at Marulan. FU: Big Mango meth. Big Banana is not that big. John Pilger's Utopia http://johnpilger.com/videos/utopia-trailer Rosalie Kunoth-Monks rocks us. Is Coleman ready to be assimilated? Brandis doesn't understand the meaning of 'occupied'. Why has this one tipped over this time? Overreach is a core promise of this Government. Good reviews on our Security Council tenure. Harry needs to get more facts straight. Was Bruce Wilson offered inducements to lie before royal commission. Ron Hoenig watching people eat. The Game. F**k this for a game of soldiers. Bananaland chooses a new Chief Justice. Tourist-only surf breaks. Surf rage. Surf board registration stickers http://blogs.sydneylivingmuseums.com.au/surfcity/?p=1332 Tim Carmody, Chief Magistrate to Chief Justice. Bleijie is a smug prick. Fitzgerald - "Megalomaniacs currently holding power in Queensland". A shabby affair. FU: Bikie laws. Vella denied a visa. $12/hr Ronald McDonald hands out diabetes vouchers. The way Tony walks - a big horse for a long time, a bicycle thing, swagger. Insufficient shoulder dipping in Tony's swagger. Conservatives too tight in the neck. Tony's daughter and a shabby apartment. Kim Beazley and Tony Abbott. Bob Brown on Tony http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jun/16/i-am-a-conservationist-is-tony-abbott-the-only-person-who-believes-that Tony met with Jeb. Jersey Boy versus the Bush Dynasty. Eric Kantor toasted by tea party. Hilary has a grandchild coming and a base-working husband. McCool's reasons for Hilary's victory. Obama's job was to be first black president. McCain and his lies. Own goal airstrikes. Indonesian Presidential Election: Prabowo Subianto. Bolt in our sights. Gargantuan week in sports. Hockey. Den Haag (pronounced Den Haakcgkchhhhh). Formula 1 AFL Rugby Tennis Football Bowls

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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