2014.07.22 Machinations

Whither the Multi Function Polis?

Show Notes

RIP James Garner RIP Mark Wylie - the last casualty of the Russell Street bombing. (http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/russell-street-bombing-claims-last-victim-20140718-3c6k4.html) RIP Peter Underwood - Governor of Tasmania. (http://www.govhouse.tas.gov.au/sites/default/files/speeches/anzacday.pdf) MH370. Is Malaysian Airlines done? KL Airport is 45 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur city centre. (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KualaLumpurInternationalAirport">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KualaLumpurInternationalAirport) Gatwick is 47.5 km south of Central London. JFK is 19 km southeast of Lower Manhattan. MH17. Flying over dangerous areas. ICAO is headquartered in Montreal. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICAO <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICAO#2013proposaltorelocateheadquarterstoQatar">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICAO#2013proposaltorelocateheadquartersto_Qatar) Range of missiles. (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-07-18/did-a-missile-down-the-malaysian-jet-over-ukraine/5606156) What the US knew: (http://ukraine.usembassy.gov/statements/asmt-07192014.html) The harshness of the steppes. Australia and the Security Council. Tony making lemonade given these lemons. It ain't rocket science?! Soviet and post-Soviet media. Russia Today. Bodies in backyards in Ukrainian summer. What's next for Putin and Russia? Litvenenko inquiry. Black boxen. The Australian Budget is completely f*cked. Clive just wants to wreck the joint. Campbell Newman and byelections. Stafford byelection ... 18.6% swing. Is there still a Multi Function Polis? Have we lost the concept of the Fair Go? Fairness out the window. How do you have mateship without fairness? Fairness and the trade union movement. The 8 hour day monument. (https://www.onmydoorstep.com.au/heritage-listing/13841/eight-hour-monument) Money and labour in Australia over the last 150 years. Selfishness is a natural enemy of fairness. As a nation we've turned into a pack of selfish c*nts. Lack of justice, fairness, equity in Australia. When did the rot begin? Reaganonmics, greed is good, Alan Bond as a productive member of society? Lack of fear of the Cold War. Young Ethiopian stowaway granted a permanent protection visa. Unfair to intercept a boat on the High Seas and tell them where to go. Human relations on the high seas. Angels of our better natures? Ocean Defender the Musical. They're actually called Ocean Shield and Ocean Protector. The way that we treat others is fundamentally unfair. Tony's hypocrisy about the plane versus humans. Blais has time for Tony Abbott. Coalition has lost control of domestic politics. Lambie: "Like a baby holding an apple" The Australian loses crazy money. Alex Gunning and the Maths Olympiad - 3 questions in 4.5 hours, how many hours per question? News Limited is pissed off. Rupert drinks virgins' blood and says business knows best. AOL Time Warner read the surf wrong, they got caught in a rip and drowned. Stick a fork in Joe Hockey, he's done. Business money to politicians - we'll never here about the Forum again. The Machinations - No say in it. Synth-pop Sydney pub rock, lightweight New Wave. Wibbly agreed with Cory Bernardi this week - Holy f*ck. Cory's still a complete c*nt, but. Urinal conversations with Cory. Packer's $200M philanthropy, is it a bribe for the casino? Solar cells and clean energy investments. Next week: ASIO. Next week: Israel. Indonesian Presidential Election. 53.15% Joko Widodo to 46.85% Prabowo Subianto. Indonesian Chief of Army dismissed. Plans to kettle Jakarta. Splits in Prabowo camp. Prabowo 'withdraws' from the race. Hopefully Indonesia stays peaceful. Old school Indonesian politics done for now. Dangdut. Sport. The Tour (of France). Professional cycling has always been bent. Three weeks of flogging yourself, makes Opus Dei look reasonable. Commonwealth Games. Arthur Tunstall. Athletics Australia. Ralph Dobell 800m in 1968. The Uniform. Harry has the number 23 jumper for the Waratahs. Hurt the Brumbies early. Rory McIlroy plays better when he's not getting laid. ISIS/ISIL/IS politely requests that Qatar not host the World Cup? Lost Newcastle supporters - careless. Nice one, Indian cricket team! You don't get better after your 100th test. Alastair Cook versus Alastair Cooke. Bowls. Commonwealth Games. Roger Rogerson Liam Jurrah. Medical marijuana. The Lex Pistols. Great Barrier Reef - World Heritage for a reason. Cisarua - Arabic speaking middlemen in all flesh trade variations. Microsoft to sack 18500 people. Chinese soldiers training with Australian and US troops in Australia. Maritime Visas. Shoutout to the Brooklyn Dogs and Rosa Parks. FIN.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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