2014.07.29 Satan's Bukkake Party

If you want to see the reef, spend some of your carbon allowance to go now.

Show Notes

Scotch pronunciation guide

Patent on Viagra has run out. Generics everywhere already.

RIP Gob the cuntie.

A cuntie is a baby wombat. Gob found one in the pouch of a dead mother ... wombat.

Hairy-nose wombats and combine harvesters

Correction: Melbourne schoolboy in 1960s learned about wombat burrows.

Dog skulls in wombat burrows, was it the Minotaur?

RIP Karl Albrecht. ALDI Süd and ALDI Nord.

RIP James Teague - thought he could fly. Queenstown and The Glebe Apartments

Australia's issues with alcohol. Ex-cops own pubs. Broken licensing laws.

NZ and VCRs?

A minute's applause for the brain-damaged Tahs fan, the son of Robert Hampshire.

Hampshire's history.

Harry thinks we've gone too far.

Happy Eid al-Fitr.

NSW Premier goes to Lakemba and flips flatbread.

The Multi-Function Polis (MFP).

Bruce Ruxton is dead.


The hatch under the carpet.

Bad week for air travel ... but it makes no difference to flying intentions.

The demonym for the people of Burkina Faso is Burkinade - a sports drink for women who run in full head scarves.

Black box speculation.

Dutchies and their coffin handling excellence.

Old Europe and New Europe.

Parliamentary punch-up and the resignation of Prime Minister.

Is MH17 Tony's "Bali Bombing".

Coal, Clive, Pies and parliamentary privilege.

Carmichael coal mine - largest coal mine in Australia, among the largest in the world.

Devil jism running around Greg Hunt's insides.

Gob's special subject is acronyms.

If you want to see the reef, spend some of your carbon on going now.

The reef will still be there in 30 years, it will just be coal-ier.

Jonathan Moylan and his very effective press release.

Someone wearing a horsehair wig is feeling righteous.

Jono Moylan's writing.

Australian slang of the week: Ratbag.

Obeid family and their tax issues - Al Capone style.

David Marr on Morrison being stuffed by India

Media briefing room ... with the doorknobs and all.

Kevin's VIP flight records ... and News Ltd abuse of truth ... F*ck you, Rupert.

The Saturday Paper and stories of refugees as humans.

Refugee street art project in Adelaide - Life in Limbo.

Campbell is a nasty little Napoleonic turd.

Tim Carmody and Nudgee College - "An average player in the worst performing team has been selected to captain the Wallabies."

Public welcome for Carmody because his swearing-in was in private.

Time to buy white shoes and run rampant.

Not may seats left on the 'rampant bus'.

Chris Davis and the ALP in Bananaland.

Faulkner and democratic reform of the ALP.

Trams are running on the Gold Coast ... into people/bicycles/other things.

Sean Dorney, Mr Papua New Guinea, and more recently Mr Pacific on the ABC.

The importance of Radio Australia in the Pacific.

McKinsey are Agents of Hell.

They take pills to make them impervious to Satan's jism.

Brandis and Satan's Bukkake Party.

Rights versus responsibilities.

Brandis sent out a letter to all Federal Depts and Agencies demanding they reveal all contact with unions, demanding they make declarations to the Royal Commission.

Destroying the balanced parts of the system. Not driving but dismantling.

Stephen Harper is on the list. The only country that is mucking it up as badly as Australia.

We want to be more a more positive influence on the world.

The Jobseeker Bullshit (sounds like the name of a ship).

Fundamentally unfair.

The demoralising charade.

Casual work at the Railway Square CES.

Punishment without payment.

Can you disagree with 'mutual obligation'?


AHPRA registers chiropractors.

Firstly, do no harm ... secondly, do a lot of harm.

Rights and obligations of doctors.


FFA Cup Super Tuesday.

Football: The only way is up, baby.

Including the past in the future.

The Tour ... won by Nibali with a lead of 7.5 minutes.

Polish veins.

Boxing: The Sweet Science.

The backblocks of Launceston - the mean streets?

Farcial? Farcical.


Vickery out for four weeks.

Hird not coming back this year.


Waratahs to win.


Daniel Ricciardo won again. Great driving, fresh tyres.

Commonwealth Games.

Bogans and Soylent Green are both people.

Michael Shelly won the marathon. Hard to beat the Kenyans.


Bowls is one of the ten core sports in the Commmonweath Games.

The Kelvingrove lawns.

The Bowls Report.

A mid-strength beer that doesn't taste like arse: James Squire - The Constable Copper Ale.

The Opal Card.

Band Names - Powertrippin' Dickheads - Superman is Dead - Machinations (Punk) - Soul Coughing - Hoe Jockey and the Cigar Chomping Jug Band - Erica Betz and her Charming Men - Satan’s Bukkake Party

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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