2014.08.12 Mister Peta Credlin

Actual, literal, envelopes full of cash handed over in the Bentley.

Show Notes

  • RIP Dr Peter Spitzer aka Dr Fruitloop co-founder of the clown doctors.
  • RIP Robin Williams
  • RIP Peter Sculthorpe

Shit music and/or cultural milestone.

Dick Smith the makeup artist died.

Malaysian Airlines to be restructured.

http://fellat.io/ (seems to be SFW)

Ern Malley

Surrogacy and the Migration Act's on disabled kids of migrants. Closure of surrogate agencies in Bangkok.

James Brady's death ruled a homicide by police. Year and a day rule on murder. (See comments below)

Plural of nexus is nexuses. Gob is a pointy-headed little bitch. Blais is a pretentious cocktwaddler.

Tories social media gaffes and The Greens' dirt file (according to Crikey). Does Harry have a Greens shitsheet laptop?

The Game.

ICAC back in action. There will be two by-elections in NSW.

Askin's police commissioner was Fred Hansen.

Brian Loughnane, Federal President circumvented NSW laws. He's also Mister Peta Credlin.

Millenium Forum or Millenium Falcon?

Is the ALP still in Sussex St?

A branch meeting of the Mosman Greens.

Whaling and the 1st Mosman Sea Scouts.

The Frances Abbott Scholarship and the phantom scholarships.

Bananaland. A special place and a special case.

Wild Rivers legislation. Channel country rivers most at risk.

Cold case warms up on the McCulkin case. Related to the 1973 Whiskey Au Go Go fire.

Alex Douglas, Bob Katter's nephew, resigns from leadership of PUP (Clive's cult).

Navy Boat goes sizzle. HMAS Bundaberg. sponsor's product. The RAN Offset Alpine?

Sandmining on North Straddie. Dingoes Bote someone.

The Feds.

Tony left the country. That made things better. Metadata and Brandis and Turnbull.

100 war on Islam? Sharrouf and the damage he's perpetrated of his kids. We already know who the problem adults are. Building bigger haystacks might be helpful to find the needle - one of the counter-intuitive things coming out of modern technology. Alex Hawke.

Snowden has received a 3 year residency visa in Russia.

Law is always lagging behind societal change - particularly in dealing wi technology.

Sociopathic element to technology - we're looking at you, Jeff Bezos.

Tories and backing winners. Ian Macfarlane has suggested we only back science which accrues patents.

Funding for taxonomy.

Federal polling. News Ltd putting a stick up their arses?

Idealism and pragmatism in balance?

Eric Abetz needs a post-natal abortion.

Hotdogs are back in vogue.


Beheaded head. Detached head. Decapitated head. Beheaded head.

Iraq War again. Food parcels, air strikes, ground invasion?

Irukandji jellyfish .

Hello bogan.

Food with Blais.




Uighurs and sticking a fork in it.

Netball and physios.

Orthopaedics and carpentry. Chiropractic shit vs manipulative medicine.

Is chess a sport? Only if you're playing with the big pieces. Gary Kasparov vs Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Once the president of Kalmykia?

Gaddafi a chess grand master? As corrupt as FIFA? Magnus.

Steven Seagall and Vladimir Putin. Cossack dancing. Part-time sheriff.

Football A-League. FFFFAAACUP.

Motorsport is murder.


Wallabies and the Bledisloe.

Golf and Rory and ball sports.


AFL International Cup.

USA Freedom Women vs Canada Northern Lights.

James Albert Hird Is going down swinging.


The surfboard clock.

(Et cetera. Inter alia.)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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