2014.08.19 The Boltiverse

Tony says that the NSW Liberals' corruption problems are the ALP's fault.

Show Notes

The New Zealand VSSF (Very Sensible Security Forces)

Kim Dotcom might get up as a member of parliament. Dotcom's Clive-style antics.

RIP Lauren Bacall

RIP Jay Adams and his facial tats, sudden heart attack in Mexico. Currently sober.

RIP Brian Moore, voice of football on ITV for 30 years.

Word of the Week: youse

McCool is not a fan of youse, he regards it as the verbal equivalent of the neck tattoo.

Dr Gob's neck tatt of the week was 'Such is Life'

McCool sees merit in a neck tatt.

Spack needed for McCool's back.

Last of the MH17 bodies found.

Journos have inspected the 'aid convoy' and randomly selected vehicles appear to contain humanitarian supplies, including a bomb-shaped humidicrib.

Picric acid turns up at The Gap police station. Elderly woman walks in while husband is in hospital.

Daniel Fing accused of producing TATP. Terrorist threat? But he's not an Islamic dole bludger so not much attention.

The Frances Abbott Scholarship and Tony's declaration of a lawyer's discount.

Keeping promises ... to the IPA.

Julie Bishop and her puff pieces.

Inability to understand the role of the PM and the Foreign Minister

Dick dog Tony Jones.

Clive and the Chinese mongrels.

Is Clive telling the truth about being ripped off by his Chinese business partners?

Ray Hadley

ICAC guts the Hunter region McCloy, the Bentley driving mayor, resigns after Baird shames him.

Independents in parliament.

Tony says that the NSW Liberal's corruption problems are the ALP's fault ...

Thinking people have tuned out of politics.

A complete lack of trust in all levels of politics.

Nicole Foss analysis.

Trust in the global credit system took a long time to establish, but can be broken down very quickly.

Maurice Newman and global cooling.

Primitive civilisations offering up sacrifices to appease the goods.

Rationality versus irrationality.

As soon as you have rules, people who operate outside of them have an advantage.

Renewable Energy Target scrapping and the impact thereof.

"Open for some business"

Tories are terrified of change. Every decision that Abbott and co. have made can be viewed as positive for coal/gas/mining.

Clive to host the World Climate Change Convention at his Coolum resort.

Great acoustics for a fibreglass dinosaur.

First Aboriginal-owned house on Palm Island.

McCulkin case and the buried shipping container.

Gable Tostee and the balcony tossers.

Queensland election and the G20.

Julius Sumner-Miller, the glass bottles and the eggs.

Militarisation of police in USA and Australia.

Ferguson, MO.

What if I'm gunned down?

Race relations in US are hard to understand.

Jellytips and Buzzbars, NZ.


Sycophant. Scotland. Character reference for fellow priest. Classic prefect. Can't lead.

Fu hockey

Screwing around with refugee numbers.

The refugee boat problem.

The deliberate creation of suffering. Both on the front end with unnecessary war and then when they arrive ...

Truth has a liberal bias, not a Liberal bias.

Emerson and Bolt and racism.

The Boltiverse.

The Waitangi Treaty.

Smallpox and Watkins Tench.

4000 gallons of rum imported into Sydney and documented on the front page of the first edition of Australia's first newspaper, The Sydney Gazette.

100 years of the Panama Canal. World Humanitarian Day. Afghanistan National Day.

New Suez Canal project ... 72km alongside existing canal.

Economic diplomacy.

Julie Bishop is the next prime minister?

An agreement with Indonesia about spying. Anyone care?

Betteridge's Law. What happened to headline writing?

McCool has a clarification on the Iraq War.

Genocide, Rwanda and intervention.

Can IS govern the Caliphate?



Steve Ballmer officially the new owner of the LA Clippers.


Deaths at the world champs ... Kurt Meier, 67, a Swiss-born member of the Seychelles team ... and a player from Uzbekistan who has not yet been named was found dead in his hotel room in central Tromsø.


The AFL and the MCG.

EPL kicked off on the weekend...one of the big boys will win again..



Womens World Cup.


Obeid and the League. Dodgy fucks.

South Sydney will win this year. First time since 1971. Halibut has spoken.

Commonwealth Games


Shout out to Mahela Jayawardena.


The Danihers. Life is a fucking death sentence, you melodramatic cunt.

International Cup

Go Swannies!


(inter alia)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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