2014.09.16 Beer and Peaches

Things that make us happy.

Show Notes

The Australian Bush. Eucalypts.

Symphony Orchestras, in particular the Digital Concert Hall and the Berlin Philharmonic.

Jazz. (eg John Coltrane's Love Supreme)

Swimming in the sea (ideally naked).

Having an ice-cold beer in the sun - with peaches.

Sleeping in or early rising.

Not being insane, but being damn close.

Rocks, animals, burning stuff, blowing stuff up, walking.

Fixing stuff.

Making stuff.

Teaching is good, and learning is one of our favourite things.

Singing. Does chanting really clean your CSF?

Gardens, especially for medium- to long-term happiness which can be a challenge to find.


Drugs, just the good ones. Refer to McCool’s laws.

Our peeps.

Party blowy things.

(et cetera, et cetera)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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