2014.04.30 Clive for President

There can never be enough pies for Clive.

Show Notes

Intros. Smallpox. Brian Harradine's influence over AusAid funding. Anzac Day. Online education mandatory modules. MH370. Mahatir is on the list. It's been 53 days. Ukraine - sanctions will fix it. Pogroms suck. ICAC going off like a frog in a sock. Interactive graphic showing ICAC connections. Long-haired guinea pigs and eyebrows. Turkish barber experience. Did Bazza resign because it's going to worse? A federal ICAC? Is ANZUS no longer in our best interests? Malcolm Fraser goes on the list of the righteous. The Spork. Palmer for PM. Rich demagogue who's far more entertaining than Pauline. Wants attention and pies. Pies, pies, pies. Don't touch the pies, they're Clive's. Unions and sausage sizzles. Northern Territory and pies. Campbell Newman and pies. Two new Catholic saints who happened to be Holy Roman Emperors. Dr Gob liked the vibe of the Polish Pope - "roly poly happy chappie in his Popemobile thingo". Fuck the Middle East - at least we got the hummus. The Exit Bag. WORLD IS FUKT. Manus Island is awful, and there's lots more to come. Advance Australia Fair - where's the fairness. Second verse - "We've boundless plains to share". Cut from the same cloth, feeding at the same trough. Eva Cox and the Republic. No-one likes Charles. Clive for President. Graham Kennedy for President. Boko Haram. Climate Change. El Nino. Drought. Orographic rainfall. Harry, cricket and the Paddington Small Boys. Creams not whites. Gilgamesh, the willow stick, and the ball. Best Royal Visit Ever. Mount Everest has a conveyor belt to the top. Shoot them out into space. The Mars Mission short list. Cosmic ray cooking. Low bolide risk this week. We are all monkeys. The unlimited test match. Slow TV - thanks Norway. Norway and the NSA. Norway and their oil money. Scottish independence. Un-ironic Union Jack waistcoats.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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