2014.05.06 Value Addled

Short pants, big Ugg boots, long blonde hair.

Show Notes

Maules Creek coal mine. Leard State Forest. Leard Blockade. Medics Against Coal. Bentley Blockade. Two dickheads fighting in Bondi. No sign of Miranda. Lachlan Murdoch spotted and watermarked? Rocco's sketches. Is it a Rumtown, Eastern Suburbs or Cranbrook thing? Short pants, big Ugg boots, long blonde hair. Pistorious having another go. Channel 9 van in the street in Bondi. Sydney casino licence.

Barangaroo will always be the Hungry Mile. MH370, as usual. Trawling the bottom of the ocean. Dennis Rodman and North Korea. Russian speaking citizens of the Ukraine are shooting down helicopters. Russian pensions versus Ukrainian pensions. Australian pollies unwilling to mention Nigerian abductions. ICAC. Shorten and Greens supporting our idea of a Federal ICAC. The bogan billionaire - Tinkler. ICAC is the government. Who coined the word bogan? Sharpies. Joe "I'm actually not for sale" Hockey. North Sydney Bears. Black Ops. The Commission of Audit. Cremore Wharf sunk. Murder of neglect. Honourable mention to Jodi McKay. Palmer for NSW Premier. Harry offers to join The Greens and make them better. McCool plants a seed and Wibbly takes a dump on it. The Bristol Stool Scale. Talking shit with your old mates. Harry's dare: he'll join The Greens if three people tell him to in the comments. Paul Ramsay dead. Reg Kermode was a scumbag - good riddance to bad rubbish.

It was a Reg who introduced the cane toad to Australia. Quality of drugs in Canberra. Mel Gibson in Tequila Sunrise. Harry recommends Cocaine Cowboys, a doco about importation of coke into America in 1970s and 80s. The Commission of Audit. Abbott is a 1 on the Bristol Scale, The Spork is a 7. They are both shits. Classic Thatcherite crap. Austerity as a war cry. Tories market themselves as money managers. Howard/Costello rode a massive minerals boom, gave away money. Failure to tax in a boom. Entrenched policies that have left us impoverished. We want state banks. Westpac half-yearly results. Asset sales until there's nothing left. Buying single shares. Monash: Australia's greatest general. Westpac shareholders. Corporate motivations. Thomas Piketty's Capital Phoenix: Australia's greatest ever cop drama. The job's fucked, boys. "Capitalism as a system makes people unequal." Capitalists love democracy because it enables them to fuck us over. The worst except for all the others - Churchill quoting unknown author Size of China's economy. Various issues re China. Value addled. Diesel rebate for farmers - which farmers? Primary producers need a hand up. Giving diesel rebate to miners is bullshit. Get miners off the tit. Soylent and Soylent Green. Experimental green resuscitation fluid for cardiac arrests. Harry's first for the treatment. Intravascular delivery of oxygen is wicked. The Commission of Audit. Circus event. Axe the tax. Audit recommends $15 co-payment Harry thought Peta Credlin was supposed clever. Selfish Tory arseholes. Tony Jones, QandA and stupidity. IPA and QandA. Students protesting in the studio. Wibbly reveals he'd be careful if he was an ABC director. An effective protest? Be better, kids. Join a party like Harry, our man in The Greens. Is McCool a member of PUP already? Amanda Vanstone's permanent disability is that she was a member of the Howard Government. Penalty rates. Couch of the Week is in the Liberty Cafe. Dismantling middle class warfare. McCool voted for the PUP as a vote for chaos. Wibbly is for chaos. Read your Gibbon. Royal watcher claims Pippa Middleton had a fake bum at William and Kate’s 2011 wedding Why I stuck a cracker up my clacker. Territory Day (NT). Reduction of the minimum wage. Lower still in Tasmania and South Australia? Abolish the states. Territory Day will continue as a local government festival. Confection of a debt crisis. Concentration of wealth in Australia. A government is not a household. Thatcher is dead?! The wicked witch is dead. Henry Tax Review, Gonski education reforms, Labor review of drug laws. Put it all on black. Wibbly prefers red. McCool and Gob put it all on green. Wibbly rants about private provision of government services. A kebab and a coffee. Patients wishes should be paramount. Death and dying. Don't jump on my chest and send me to Canberra. Cambodia and crimes against humanity. Australian Navy is now people smuggling. Opium and Afghanistan. Incarceration in our name. Hello Ivan Milat. In the bush we shoot our own dogs. Smoking ban in Queensland gaol. Nicotine patches covering your entire torso. Harry goes mute and deaf - fuck yeah! Queensland report. Death penalty is wrong. The death penalty merely makes us what we despise. Cruelty to animals.

Mirko Filipovic saved a dog. David Gibson. Commonwealth Games Surfboard Countdown Clock Campbell Newman. Queensland is "led by politicians who at best are ignorant of the standards of good governance." - Tony Fitzgerald. Is Ballina a sleepy country town? Cooperation between NSW and Queensland police is terrifying. Sport.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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