2014.07.08 Sir John Howard for GG

Minimum functionality required to be a citizen has increased markedly over the last hundred years.

Show Notes

Dry July, Amazing August, Sickly September. Harry blames Adam Spencer. Fisting by the Pool - Puerile Postgraduate Humour. Australian slang of the week: Wowser. The wowsers and wankers of Waverley (http://www.sydneyaldermen.com.au/alderman/gustavus-waterhouse/, http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/waterhouse-gustavus-john-16361) Bill Waterhouse is Tonga's honorary Consul-General in Australia. Sir John Howard for GG. The bubble world perspective on Decency. Refugees and the MSM. Is Australia disappearing people? Yes, Erica Betz. Let's take the National Party. Harry needs to grow mung beans. Online sprout kits. Food and cooking and eating sh*t. Fresh food people? Banging up shard or frozen dinners. Supermarket land grabs. UK supermarkets are doing their training in Australia. The Furnival losing proposition. Brandis could die in his sleep. Nitschke could help. Pistorious the melancholic boor/Boer. Triumph over adversity and corporate sponsors. Unfair mechanical advantage. Paralympic scepticism. The fastest people with legs - excellence of the human form. Severely impaired freaks. You can limp but you can't 'lympic. Psychiatry. Psychiatrists have bad diseases. How to stay out of a public psych ward: friends, money, education, supportive family, the smarts. Minimum functionality required to be a citizen has increased markedly over the last hundred years. Harry and the psychiatrist's couch. Brain science. DSM is a terrible hairy dog with cancer and balls. Reviewing the DSM as a work of dystopian fiction (http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/book-of-lamentations/) In OECD Australia is 2nd best at drugging children. We all love a quick fix. College of Psychiatry littered with vested interests. Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee gutted by Wooldridge. Dissent. Biff Snooten. Whiskey, Protestants, whisky, Celts, Japanese whisky, Bush Mills, Jamesons ... sectarian bullshit. Indonesian Election: Predictions. Another big week in sport. Brazil v Germany. Netherlands v Argentina ISIS and Messi Kyrgios, don't follow the path of Poo! Rumtown rugby tragics. Don't put the jinx on the 'Tahs. Tour de Yorkshire. Lou Vincent says he's a cheat. Swans. The Lake choking. Purple syrup - dextromethorphan. Formula E vs Formula E in the 90s. They never come back the same. Fighting the hindquarter of an AFL player. Hockey (Ice, not Joe-allegedly-for-sale). Bowls.

(not necessarily in that order)

Rise up, commentariat ...

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