2014.08.05 Team Australia

Have we passed peak globalisation?

Show Notes

Team Australia

RIP Edward Clancy - Stunt Pope Ratzinger

RIP Glen Turner - National Party loonies - Hot blood - Renegotiating the social contract in the bush - Barnaby doesn't understand much

Frustrating Environmental Impact Statement by refusing access to company doing the survey.

RIP James Brady - Gun deaths in the US (again)

Suicide by Drano.

Dangerous and fatal supermarket and service station medications.

RIP Alcoa aluminium smelter

Bad week for Geelong, lost aluminium smelter and got Ebola. But the Cats won.

Alcoa rolling plant will run for another two months.

McKinsey on the list (again).

Capital can migrate instantly to a more favourable market, but humans cannot.

Return of capital controls, end of globalisation, closing borders.

Peak Globalisation?

TRIPS, Brazil/India pharmaceuticals.

Drug company propaganda and IP law.

Unintended consequences of cheap pharmaceuticals. Poor practices. Anti-malarials, multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Fear of immunisation has led to poor levels of vaccination among the wealthy.

Polio News. - on the rise - was 3 countries with Polio - Syria has had a recent epidemic - recently found live in a sewer in Brazil

Tuvalu family has succeeded using climate change as a justification for immigration to New Zealand


Burkina Faso and that jealous bitch Blaise Campaore.

African history.

Ebola getting interesting ... especially as it approaches Nigeria.

MERS scare in a public hospital.

70th anniversary of the Cowra Breakout.

Giant Redgums by the Lachlan.

100th anniversary of the declaration of war in WW1.

Gob's mechanic's Ukrainian girlfriend.


Blais corrects himself.

Qantas flight paths over Iraq changed.

Deaths in Qatar due to World Cup construction.

Bernie Ecclestone to pay a $100million bribe to drop a bribery case.

Suppression orders in the Internet age.

Hooray for the High Court of Australia

Tory snots.

Student politicians of the 1970s and 80s.

Team Australia: Fuck Yeah! << sarcasm

Training refugees to drive orange lifeboats.

The Hazara people.

The honour of soldiers. Morale. Pride.

HMAS Adelaide.

It's always the country they chose to serve.

Who gets to decide when we go to war?

Andrew Fisher.

Australian Executive has always been keen to go to war.

Team Australia again.

Tim Carmody to the HCA.

Sofronoff and his Tiger Moth crash.

How old is a Tiger Moth?

Tram/wristwatch warnings via drink coasters.


Adani and the Carmichael mine

Barnaby loves an Indian wedding

India, Tamils, coal and signed cricket bats.

Brett Lee sings with Asha.

Plural of nexus is nexus.

Coal and refugees the two nexus of evil.

Ricky Muir has no mates ... Vice party disowns him and he sacks Druery.

How do you pronounce Rhiannon?

Bad tea with the Greens ...

The aura of smug.

Clive's afternoon tea with Mal Turnbull.

Wouldn't it be good if politicians did stuff together?

Liquid Democracy

Hooray for the HIgh Court!

Liquid Democracy in Simple Terms

Gob delegates his vote to the Eastern Whipbird.

The Whipbird's call is cooperative between two birds.

Kickin' Brandis' pasty arse to the kerb.

Garma Festival.

Treaty. The promise.

We want to manage Twiggy Forrest's income.

Is a cracker up the clacker more important than constitutional recognition?

The Tories' finest.

Give the Zionists Tasmania.

New Israel.


Israel. What does Israel gain from recent behaviour? Caught in their own stupidity loop. Brutality. The abused become abusers. Ghettoisation. Calculations of calorific intake of Gaza. Gaza is a concentration camp. Tunnels. What's with attacking the UN? No way to de-escalate. Mark Regev, scumbag. The cycle of crazy. None of this is in Israel's favour. Separating the Jews, the Semites, Israelis and Zionists. Israel losing the media this time. Where is Hezbollah this time?


Rugby. The Waratahs.

The Wallaroos. Some of Harry's best friends are women.

Fffffffaaaaarcup Dangdut Dustin Johnson - drugs and scuttlebutt. Paulina Gretzky.

AFL. It was cold. Richmond and brutality in the AFL. Kulcha.

Hawkie and Myanmar

Commonwealth Games. Mustang Sally is a machine. Hollingworth is a tool. Weightlifter altercation. Brawling boxers. Go Tholf. McCool could have been a contender.

Bowls Australia failed to adapt to different conditions.

Rise up, commentariat ...

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